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What is the mission of the Security Ministry?

Many times, I have asked this direct question to church leadership, “Tell me about your safety and security ministry.”. The most common answer is quick and includes a comment that references a few church members that possess a license to carry. I then follow up with a question asking them about their current safety and security procedures. At which point I am handed a piece of paper with the description of exit locations and an outline of a Hide/Run/Fight protocol that was copied from a DHS website. In most of the cases that I encounter there has been a limited to no training program in place. In many instances, the entire makeup of the security ministry is an afterthought with hopes that it will be enough if an incident were to occur.

Defining the mission of the security ministry is going to help with developing the team and security protocol moving forward. There are duties that the safety and security team should be performing.

Security Team Must.

· Provide security and protection for the members of the church.

· Provide a safe environment to worship.

· To be an arm of the welcoming committee.

· Report any incident that occurs on campus. Complete reports and submit them to the church leadership as needed.


· Always protect the Pastor and church leadership.

Has your Church looked at the current safety and security protocol that is in place? Are you that church with a couple of armed members and little direction? Does your church need a written safety and security protocol? Would you like help with security training and implementation?

Contact Black Ops Tactical Consulting to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to go over our proven methodology called F.I.T.E. (Formulate, Implement, Train and Execute) For more information on the F.I.T.E. program or any of our other services please call 978-818-9505 or email

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