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Ten Common Themes of Concerning Behavior

Covid-19 has changed the way the world operated. Many parents are now working from home as well as playing the role of teacher. It can be stressful to juggle these new responsibilities. With that said, you now have the opportunity to spend time with your kids that normally they would be spent in the classroom. Children are dealing with issues that might have been off the radar of parents and teachers. Issues that could lead to violent or even deadly outbursts.

Here are the top ten concerning behaviors that have been missed prior to a student on student/teacher attacks occurring:

1. Threats to the target or others, and/or intent to attack

2. Intense or escalating anger

3. Interest in weapons

4. Sadness, depression, or isolation

5. Changes in behavior or appearance

6. Talk of suicide and/or self-harm

7. Interest in violence

8. Talk of being bullied

9. Concerns over grades/attendance

10. Harassing others

Children that show these themes in behavior are not necessarily going to commit a violent act. However, do not accept a change in behavior as “just being a kid”. In over three quarters of school shootings the attacker tried reaching out to a parent, teacher, guardian, coach, etc. The signs were missed and it lead to a tragic ending.

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