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Situational Awareness during Uncertain Times

The fact is that you need to have a plan when it comes to your personal security. Our minds are consumed with Covid-19, businesses shutting down, upcoming elections, riots breaking out in our cities and many other things that take us away from focusing on our own safety.

Awareness is a choice we make every day. Make it part of your morning ritual. You wouldn’t leave the house without your cell phone and car keys. Don’t leave without checking your awareness level.

Below are five tips to better situational awareness;

1. Eyes Up – How do you know what is going on around you if you are laser focused on your phone. Social media is NOT that important. Check it when you are in the safety of your home.

2. Ears Open – In many cases you will hear it before you see it. Be aware of the sounds and voices around you. DO NOT wear ear buds or headphones in public areas. A gun shot can be muffled by the latest and greatest tunes you are blaring in your head.

3. Hands Out – DO NOT walk around with your hands stuffed in your pockets. You may need them to protect yourself from a fall or an assailant.

4. Be Alert – Notice items and people that seem out of place. Winter coats are not generally worn in the dead of summer. This should immediately seem strange to you. Humans have a sense that tells us when something is odd or not right. Sharpen that sense by being alert.

5. Have a Plan- ALWAYS develop an emergency evacuation plan for you and your family. Plan where you are going to exit and where you will meet if things go bad. Teach your children to stay calm so they can collect their thoughts in order to react.

Situational Awareness cannot be taught in a blog with tips and best practices. This article is simply to get your mind thinking about the subject matter. Situational awareness is a skill you train on constantly. Contact us if you want to schedule a training for your business or organization.

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