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Situational Awareness during the Calm of the Storm

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Over the past couple of months our world has been turned upside down. What we knew as normal is no longer applicable. The reality is that we do not know what the future holds for us or our Country.

With all of the new stress points we are currently experiencing we are not necessarily aware of what is happening around us. Who or what is lurking in the darkness of the Covid 19 pandemic? There is no end to the possibilities of what someone can do to you or your company when your guard is down.

At Black Ops Tactical Consulting we preach situational awareness 24/7. You must be on guard all of the time. OK, I know, it sounds a little bit over the top but trust me when I tell you it is necessary. Being prepared is not being paranoid.

Here are five items to keep in mind as we are moving through the next couple of months.

1. Scams – Be in tune with suspicious phone calls, emails and even visits to your home. This is a prime time for scam artists to attempt attacks on unsuspecting victims.

2. Out of Routine – You are out of your normal routine. A major change in your life can make you drop your guard. Train yourself to be aware of what is going on around you when you are out. Do not let yourself become preoccupied with the current events. Someone who wants to cause harm to you will sense that you are not paying attention. This makes you an easy victim.

3. Closed Businesses – If you are a business owner you have already experienced an on set of challenges you never expected. A closed business is easy pray for a criminal that wants to break in. Make sure someone from your organization is checking in on your location(s). Let the local police department know you are closed for business. Ask them for a random drive by during the day. Do not be complacent. Trust me when I tell you, others are watching your empty shop for the opportunity to pounce.

4. Sense of Safety – Do not let the state of quarantine fill you with a false sense of safety. Make sure your home is locked even while you are home. Set alarms in the home status. Invest in security cams around the parameter of your home. Police will be busy with an increase in calls. The department may also experience an onset of illness due to Covid 19. This will leave the local Police Department shorthanded.

5. Be Aware – You generally know who lives in your neighborhood. Take notice of suspicious cars and activity. Look after your neighbors. Call or text them to make sure they are OK. An indicator of a neighbor possibly having issues would be an overfull mailbox or newspapers piling up in the driveway. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your house, call the Police and ask them to perform a wellness check.

Bad things happen fast. Don’t be taken by surprise. The number one safety skill we recommend is situational awareness. Black Ops Tactical Consulting offers training on being prepared for the unexpected. Contact us for more info at

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