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Making Church Security a Line Item

Too many times I have seen Houses of Worship make half hearted attempts at building a safety and security program. Two members with an LTC (License to Carry) and a Smith and Wesson does not make a sound safety protocol. If anything, this scenario adds unneeded risk.

The reality is that ALL Houses of Worship, no matter the size, need to implement a comprehensive safety and security program. According to the National Congregational Study Survey there are approximately 380,000 Christian based churches in the United States. This number does not account for other faith-based organizations throughout the country. What does this mean? It means that there is a lot of people to keep safe with little to no protocol or experience in place.

The response most given by Churches around the country when I ask about safety and security is simply three words, LACK OF MONEY. As this is true for many Houses of Worship nationwide, there are ways to raise the funds to support the costs incurred when building out a security program. Grants are available through local and federal programs. The bottom line is that Houses of Worship of all backgrounds and faiths need to make safety and security a line item in the budget. It is critical to the safety of the members. Safety and security can no longer be neglected.

Start the process of building a security program by conducting a Risk Assessment. The Risk Assessment should include the evaluation of both the safety and security systems that are currently in place. A full report with any findings should be published once the Risk Assessment is concluded. From these findings the organization can make the next steps to implementing safety and security improvements.

It is encouraged that Houses of Worship start to make safety and security a priority. These organizations are soft targets. There is limited training and processes in place. Insufficient as well as incomplete safety and security manuals are being used and need to be updated.

Contact Black Ops Tactical Consulting to schedule a Security Risk Assessment. Call 978-818-9505 or email Our team will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

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