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Kidnap For Ransom in Haiti Increases in 2020

Source: FBI EIR June 23, 2020

There has been an increase in KFR (Kidnap for Ransom) of USPER (U.S. Persons) reported in Haiti over the past several months. Haitian gangs are targeting USPER more due to a perceived lack of repercussions by the Haitian government.

Reports have shown that one of the more popular tactics used by the gangs have been fake traffic accidents. Once the victims vehicle has stopped the gang ambushes the occupants. The kidnapped range in age between 26 and 63. KFR and selling individuals into sex trafficking have been prime motives for these gangs.

If you are traveling to Haiti or any other third world country be aware of the potential dangers. Traveling in groups as well as having armed escorts is advisable. This is particularly important for Church based mission trips that are highly targeted by terrorist groups.

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