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8 Essentials When Forming a Church Safety and Security Team

Forming a Safety and Security Team is an essential exercise for churches today. With the increase in violence against houses of worship, a trained group of individuals whose number one priority is to keep the people who attend their gatherings and services safe is just as important as the worship team, greeters, and the hospitality team members. Dealing with pandemics and health concerns is also another reason why churches must prioritize the forming of this team. When churches can finally reopen their campus doors, the church Safety and Security Team will be on the front lines, and they must be ready.

Forming this team can be a daunting process; however, taking into consideration 8 Essentials When Forming a Church Safety and Security Team can make the process seem less daunting. In this webinar, we will unpack these 8 essentials in greater depth so that no matter the size of your church, you can establish a team that can be successful in this important role.

1. Personnel

a. Must be church members.

b. Experienced in law enforcement, military, corrections, etc.

c. Extensive background checks to be performed on candidates

d. Must have a clear understanding that when things go bad they are to run towards danger

e. First aid certified, EMT’s, Nurses are essential members of the team

f. Honest with a high sense of integrity

2. Personality

a. Must be able to have a “greeter” personality

b. Welcoming and warm

c. Must always be on watch. (A clear sense of situational awareness)

d. Have a strong sense of mission.

3. Purpose

a. To protect the church, its members and its assets

b. To provide a safe, clean environment to worship

c. To be the liaison between the church and local law enforcement/emergency services

d. To provide security for the Pastor, visiting guests and the leadership of the church

4. Plan

a. Develop a comprehensive safety and security manual

b. Get buy in from church leadership

c. Stick to the plan, stick to the plan, STICK TO THE PLAN

5. Priorities

a. Speak with legal about the developed plan

b. Speak with your insurance company about the plan

c. Invite local law enforcement and the fire department in to review the manual with the team

d. Team must have a clear understanding of the expectations

e. Incident Commander should be named.

f. Team should have an understanding of an Incident Command matrix


6. Preparation

a. The Safety and Security team will need to know the manual. Sign off for acknowledgement

b. Quarterly meetings for the safety and security team

c. See section 7 for practice

7. Practice

a. Table top exercises

b. Quarterly firearms qualifying (If you allow security to carry weapons)

c. Quarterly fire drills

d. Annual Active Shooter Training

e. First Aid Certification

8. Perform

a. The safety and security team has to be prepared to react quickly, without delay

b. This is not any other ministry. The security and safety team is expected to run towards danger when others are running away

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